Men's Issues

What’s Happening to Men?

Came across this article today…it wasn’t encouraging.

Essentially, men are lagging in every area of life from successfully pursuing their education to rates of living with parents until well into adulthood to rates of incarceration to suicide rates. It doesn’t look good for men.

So, what can men do?

Several things men can do (in no particular order):

  1. Reach out to one another
  2. Build camaraderie and mutual encouragement toward high achievement
  3. Pursue self-knowledge and God knowledge through emotional and spiritual growth
  4. Invest in long-term legacies and objectives
  5. Be uncompromising in their commitment to their own physical health

Read this linked article for a smattering of the known issues men are confronting today. Maybe you’re struggling with some of these issues. Contact me or fill out the form below to schedule a free 30-minute focus session today and start your journey toward making sure you don’t become one of these statistics.

Together, we turn your life into something amazing.

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