Welcome to the online home of FORMED MINISTRIES.

FORMED MINISTRIES exists to promote gospel-centered, spiritually mature, emotionally healthy, Kingdom-of-God-focused TRANSFORMATION in the hearts, minds, and actions of Christian men and women who are seeking to pursue Jesus with their whole lives and achieve all that God has called them to do.

This is accomplished through teaching, mentoring, and formational discipleship programs and systems that are aimed at assisting and strengthening the man or woman of God in his or her pursuit of the call of Christ, whatever that may entail. For a little background on this, visit our About page.


“I continue to meet with Andy as frequently as I can and every time I do I have a renewed sense of self through Jesus Christ.”

Isaac LaCount

“At some of the worst most valuable times in my life, Andy taught me what it meant to live as a man of God in true freedom and joy!”

Joseph O’Keefe – Pais Belfast